The Way of the Warrior Goddess Woman

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About this event:

Created by Amanda

In Harmony with Horses
GBP £ 85
Self Leadership for Women
Once again Amanda will be co-facilitating with Astrologer and Shaman Alison Duharna. In this workshop we will be exploring the Goddess Asteroid Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena is the ‘Warrior Goddess’ archetype and she assists us to birth our inner dreams. Guided by the Horses Amanda will be sharing ways to strengthen our resilience, and will incorporate the way of the  ‘Warrior Goddess’ teachings following her training with Heatherash Amara. If the Horses and Mother Earth are calling, if you are ready to birth your dreams, if the Warrior Goddess is stirring in you, then answer the call and join us on this unique and powerful workshop.
Alison Dhuanna - Northern Schoolof Astro-Shamanism