Animal Communication with Anna Twinney

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About this event:

Created by Amanda

In Harmony with Horses
GBP 450.00

Have you ever wondered what your animals are saying? Perhaps you have had the conversation but are not quite sure if it was real? Do you own or work with rescue horses/animals? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you cannot miss this workshop. Internationally renowned Horse Whisperer and Animal Communication Expert Anna Twinney will join us to teach her unique style of Animal communication.  As a pioneer in her industry Anna is paving the way for the next generation of horsemanship, teaching horsemen and women how to give a voice to all their animals through telepathic communication.  Anna is one of the most sort after communicators in the world, whose ability to pass on her knowledge is outstanding.

Day 1.  Enhancing your intuition.

Day 2.  Animal communication for rescue animals.

Day 3.  What your horses want you to know.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock YOUR inherent abilities and learn from one of the leaders in her field.

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