Calling the Spirit of the Horse

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About this event:

Created by Amanda

In Harmony with Horses Spirit Horse Ranch
GBP 87.00

Calling the Spirit of the Horse

– Amanda-Jill Oates and Alison Dhuanna

      • Alison Dhuanna - Northern Schoolof Astro-Shamanism


    What if you could summon the fiery, truth telling, wild and free part of you ?
    What if in doing so it helped you access your vulnerable, creative and passionate sides?
    The truth is when you “awaken” your Warrior Goddess you access the part of you that is free,  powerful, and radically authentic.A
    Amanda and Alison combine powerful incites from the horses with astrology and the teachings of Heatherash Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training.  We will explore the influence of the Goddess asteroid Pallas Athena in your birth chart, and give you tools to help you:-
        • Ignite your fire!
          Summon your Warrior Goddess.
        • Activate your Strength and Vulnerability.
          Release your Fears.
          Come home to your self.
      • This workshop will teach important skills and bring healing to old wounds that stop you being and staying in your power.
      • Further details of Alison and her work can be found at