Hey Cowgirls let’s sleep under the stars!!

When was the last time you had a real girly chat about life, love, dreams and you? We are not talking gossip here we are talking speaking from the heart, your honest feelings and truth.

It’s very easy to get swept along with the tide, go with the flow, fit in with others expectations.  But are you going against your flow?  Are you feeling like a triangle in an oval? How would it feel to be able to express yourself in a safe and empowering environment?

Arco the horse

Come and sit around the campfire and share those childhood dreams.

Let Amanda and the horses get to the essence of YOU.  Break the mould and start to make a new one.  One that is especially designed to fit you.

Reconnect to self through nature, friendships, time-out and the powerful healing and insights of the In Harmony with Horses Herd.

                                                         LOVE!  LAUGH!  LIVE!

In Harmony with Horses timber barn on Yorkshire Pennine hillsideThis two day/one night retreat is held under canvas at our stunning base in the Yorkshire Pennines.  We combine nature walks, interactions with the horses and creative exercises to help you define your dreams.  We then give you the tools to go away and start to live them.

“A cowgirl is a Spirit.  It is an inner quality that allows her to do something for no one else’s reasons but her own”

£ 350 per person includes refreshments on both days, evening meal on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

Please bring your own tent and bedding

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moon and stars