Holistic Horse Day

Laddie on a holistic horse workshop
Laddie on a holistic horse workshop

Are you TRULY thinking about your horses needs and wants? Are you looking after their physical, emotional and spiritual needs?  Would you like some simple common-sense tools that will help you to maximise your horse’s health and happiness and create a stronger bond between you and your equine partner?  Then this is the day for you!

Part I – Beginning the journey

How to create a trust based partnership with your horse.  Amanda will show you methods that will enable you to:

  • Understand the importance of intimacy and relaxation exercises
  • Add essential tools to your horsemanship creating a soft and easy partnership
  • Recognise the ‘try’ and develop the learning ‘space’
  • Earn and continually build on your horses trust, strengthening it over time
  • Explore the energetic connection

Part II – “Muscle testing” and “Energy”

  • Identify what your horse needs to be happy, healthy and whole.
  • Explore the connection of body, mind and spirit
  • Get direct feedback from your body, it does not lie!
  • Test your horse for any supplement or feed deficiency
  • Learn how to address energy blocks

Part III – Bodywork and complimentary Therapies

  • Learn simple hands on massage techniques to reduce stress and increase performance
  • An introduction to ‘Wild Health’ – see the horses select their own ‘remedies’ using essential oils and herbs
  • Learn the location and importance of the Chakras and how to test for blockages
  • Explore the many complimentary therapies available and learn how to discover through the heart to heart connection which one may be beneficial to your horse

Transform the way you think about your horse’s needs and wants by registering now for this informative workshop.