How Horses Heal Humans

The horses are waiting.  Experience our Horses, Heart and Healing workshop
The horses are waiting.

Horses have existed along side man for centuries and have been integral in our development.  They have carried us across lands, pulled our ploughs and carried us into battle.  Modern modes of transport saw the horses role change from work horse to  sport horse and many thousands of them around the globe are used for pleasure.  It has long been known that animals in general are good for our health and happiness and the horse is no exception.

Stepping majestically into the role of healer, these powerful but gentle animals have a natural ability to heal hearts, minds and souls.

This workshop is a combination of lectures and practical interactions with the horses to give you an insight into how horses heal.

During this workshop you will:-

  • learn how horses affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • ask can every horse do this work?
  • learn the importance of honouring the horses voice.
  • explore the energy centres of horses and humans.
  • experience the healing power of the Harmony Herd for yourself.

Open to all, this workshop is designed to give participants an introduction into the field of Equine assisted Therapy.

Participants on a horse wisdom workshop with 2 of the healing herd


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