Natural Horsemanship and Health

Zan communicating with his mouth full!
Zan communicating with his mouth full!

Amanda has always taken a natural and holistic approach to training and health in horses and all animals.  Amanda has trained with many different natural horsemanship men and women and studied different methodologies and as such has developed her own unique style –  with an emphasis on giving the horses a voice and listening.

Amanda has many years experience as a qualified animal therapist and is proud to have trained with some of the leaders in the field of complementary therapies such as Caroline Ingraham (animal essential oils and herbs), Mary Bromily (equine sports massage) and Anna Twinney (reiki for horses and animal communication). Amanda is also qualified in Crystal Healing for animals.

Combining natural horsemanship techniques, life coaching skills and holistic healing modalities Amanda can help you build trust, gain confidence, and create a willing partnership between you and your horse both on the ground and in the saddle.

If you need help with your horse for any kind of behavioural, emotional or physical issues or would simply like to learn how to understand and communicate with your horse more then please get in touch with Amanda or come on our Holistic Horse Day to find out more.

                “Horses cannot talk but they can speak if you listen”

Services Offered:-

Natural Horsemanship help with behavioural issues or just “getting to know your horse”.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy (essential oil therapy) and herbs.  Keeping your Horses and pets healthy the natural way.

Healing session (combination of energy healing and chakra balancing)

Equissage sessions- equine massage therapy. The Equissage is able to help many muscular skeletal problems and regular sessions help to maintain fitness and suppleness in competition, recreational and retired horses.

If you would like to get together with a group of friends and make a day of it.  Amanda is happy to run her Holistic Horse course from your own yard or tailor make a day specific to your requirements.

Not forgetting our younger audience why not organise a fun filled and fact packed “think like a pony” day. Helping the younger generation to gain confidence, build trust and learn about the hows and whys of their ponies.

Prices for natural horsemanship and healing start from £40 per session.

Contact us to find out more about our Natural Holistic Horsemanship