Hand-crafted Animal Pendulums

For years, Amanda has been teaching about the many uses and benefits of the pendulum. Pendulums are the perfect tool to divinate almost anything you can imagine.

From connecting with intuitive guidance, to uncovering physical, emotional or spiritual needs, to finding lost animals, and more, the pendulum has an almost endless number of uses.

We are now thrilled to offer the beautiful range of animal totem pendulums in association with Reach Out To Horses.

Hand-Crafted in California, each pendulum is lovingly created and infused with the energy and intention of the animal attached to the pendulum stone. In addition, each pendulum includes specific carefully combined stones to assist you in your search for balance, harmony and inspiration.

With 11 Animal Totem’s available, use them as your main pendulum or use each pendulum when the energy of the animal is needed. Whatever you decide, these one-of-a-kind pendulums are exactly what you need to start or deepen your journey into the world of divination.