Hey Cowgirls let’s sleep under the stars!!

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About this event:

Created by Amanda

Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire HX6 1PB, UK
GBP 350.00


When was the last time you had a real girly chat about life, love, dreams and you?

Speaking from the heart your honest feelings and truth.  It’s so easy to get swept along with the tide,

go with the flow, fit in with others expectations, but are you going against your flow?

We combine nature walks and campfire conversation with gentle interactions with our horses.

Equine healing retreats are a powerful way to connect with your inner truth and wisdom, using  the horse as a guide.

Enter into horse time and engage in proactive communication, truly receiving from another and being truly received yourself.

“A Cowgirl is a Spirit.  It is an inner quality that allows her to do something for no one else’s reasons but her own”

Are you ready to meet your inner Cowgirl?

The weekend is spent getting away from the hustle of every day life, living under canvas and cooking over a campfire.  You will enjoy spirited conversation with like minded individuals who will support you throughout the weekend and beyond.  Friendships are made that go way beyond these two days, both human and equine.  This unforgettable experience will guide you back to your flow and make sure you are swimming along with your tide.

Your investment in yourself is £350.00.  Includes two lunches, campfire dinner, breakfast and refreshments through out the two days.  Please bring your own tents and bedding.  Pick up can be arranged from the local Train Station (Sowerby Bridge).

Those who wish to travel up the night before are more than welcome to pitch their tent early but please provide your own food for this extra stay.