Opening our Hearts to Love

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About this event:

Created by Amanda

In Harmony with Horses
GBP 195.00

Healing and Transformation with the Wild Earth Animal Essences


Join us for a deep and powerful weekend of learning, healing and personal growth with the help of these amazing vibrational essences from the USA and and the presence and love of the horses that will be with us.

Daniel Mapel has been creating the totally unique Wild Earth Animal Essences in the Blue Ridge Mountains of America since 1995, and his work is internationally acclaimed for its originality, sensitivity and insightfulness.

This is not merely a workshop — Daniel creates a space of healing where the essences can truly be experienced and the animals connected with. He brings the animal spirits to life and his teachings have a deep understanding of the hidden world of animal magic.

In this workshop we will be blessed by the presence of our In Harmony with Horses Herd.  We will have the opportunity to observe and interact with them, as they choose. We will feel their love and support of our deep, inner work, and they will be our allies in our growth and transformation.

In the workshop Daniel will speak at length about many of the essences, their applications, and case studies. In a series of exercises, included guided meditations and small group work, participants will have the opportunity to fully connect with the animals and essences of their choice. By taking the essences and using meditation, he invites you to journey inward to receive your own guidance from the animals, allowing you to experience first-hand the wisdom and power of the animals.


In addition, we will focus a great deal of attention on our hearts, and on acknowledging and embracing the places inside us that still need healing.  We will do this healing work with the love of the horses and the support of the essences and the group.

This is a new workshop that will allow us to connect deeply with wild animals and with the horses that will be with us — a magical combination that will lead you inward to a deep connection with the animals and with yourself. Come prepared for an adventure!