Liberty,language and Life lessons

Liberty,language and Life lessons
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About this event:

Created by Amanda

In Harmony with Horses, Spirit Horse Ranch
GBP 520.00

Anna Twinney returns to Yorkshire this year with a brand new clinic for Animal Lovers.


This April Anna brings her own unique style of Animal Communication and Natural Horsemanship to Yorkshire.
I am thrilled to once again host Anna’s clinic here at Spirit Horse Ranch, home of In Harmony with Horses. In this new clinic Anna combines Animal Communication and Natural Horsemanship to give you incites into what our animals want us to know and how by listening to there unique voice you can glean valuable life lessons, which in turn will help you and your animal companions lead a fuller more enriched life with genuine connection to our natural world.

Come and join us for this unique 3 day animal lovers extravaganza, in the heart of Yorkshire.

Clinic Outline:-

Friday 26th April
Life lessons through animal communication:
Life lessons from the wild ones
Life lessons from the horses (long distance communication)
Life lessons from your own animals (long distance communication)

Sat 27th April:
What your horse wants you to know;
A voice from the horses & Natural Horsemanship
Group session: what the horse wants us to know-problem solving.
Group session:straight from the horses mouth-Natural Horsemanship demonstration,
Group session:a voice for the horse- Natural Horsemanship demonstration.
A selection of problems brought to the day for resolution through Animal Communication & Natural Horsemanship application in action.

Sun 28th April:
Liberty, language and life lessons:
The secret and silent language of the horse in action for life coaching.

Places are limited so please register your interest quickly to avoid disappointment either by email or the InĀ  Harmony with Horses face book page.

Amanda, Anna and the In Harmony Herd look forward to welcoming you to the Ranch.