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 Empowering life through unique equine guided experiences

Amanda and Logan the horse sharing thoughts
Amanda and Logan sharing thoughts

In Harmony with Horses – about our unique approach

In Harmony with Horses was founded in 2006 by Amanda whose vision was to create a safe and empowering space where children and adults of all ages and abilities could learn, develop and grow using the innate Wisdom of the Horse.  Our group and individual sessions focus on healing the mind, body and spirit which in turn empowers the individual to break through limiting beliefs, gain inner strength and set out on the life journey they were meant to live with renewed clarity and vision.

Horses have a natural ability to heal and teach humans, their panoramic vision allows them to view the bigger picture, as a prey animal this is vital for their survival.  The horse is energetically in tune with his environment and as a result is an intuitive, honest, responsive and sentient being.  Through interaction with horses we can gain awareness about how we relate to ourselves and others in our lives.  Learning by experiencing gives us information to help change our lives, immediately and in the here and now.  The insights, skills and successes developed during a session transfer to the participant’s everyday life.

The programmes at In Harmony with Horses provide a challenging, fun and empowering environment in which human growth and potential can be achieved.  The programmes are designed to:-

  • Build self confidence and self esteem
  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • Develop relationship skills
  • Enlighten purpose
  • Set goals
  • Build trust

We believe everyone has the inner strength and ability to reach their true potential and live the life they were meant to live; our aim is to bring people out of the shadows and into the light to a place where they can truly shine.

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