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Team building with Arko
Leadership Development with Arko

The Doc and The Horse Whisperer

You would be surprised how much horses and people have in common … they both require strength,  consistent communication and clear goals to meet their needs.

Using all SIX SENSES The Doc and The Horse Whisperer guide you to know where you are now; your ‘as-is’ state and where you want to go; your ‘to-be’ state.

With a structured and practical approach to TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE we’re here to ensure ‘what gets said (spoken and un-spoken) gets done.


Break–Through! Transformational Change for Leaders and Organisations:

We provide two powerful approaches to transformational change. Our BREAK—THROUGH! in a day – aimed more at Leaders and Teams and our bespoke BREAK—THROUGH! Advanced* – for organisations looking to transform tangibly and intangibly for bottom line impact and results.

Typical Outcomes:

  • Tangible – Real Workplace Physical Transformation and Change
  • Problem Solving & Innovative Development
  • Business Gap Analysis
  • Leadership Cohesion and New Ways of Working
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Team Development
  • Empowered Teams
  • Vision and Mission (Re)Alignment
  • Removing Organisational Blame
  • Innovative Culture
  • Continuous Improvement Ways of Working
  • Communicating more authentically & honestly
  • Increased Responsibility
  • Establishing Accountability
  • Changing patterns and behaviours (of self and others)
  • Role Clarification
  • Ownership and Direction
  • Impactful Environments
  • Re-energised Leaders
  • Creative Thinking
  • Lateral Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Setting and maintaining clear boundaries
  • Operating with Purpose, Direction and Commitment
  • Clarity
  • Organisational Behaviour Alignment to Objectives
  • Many, many more …


BREAK—THROUGH! (Up to 10 participants)

  • These are open / public delivered in just one day
  • These run 2 x Friday’s per month where anyone and everyone can book on and attend
  • The sessions start at 09.30 and end at 16.30
  • We guide you through our unique 4D Step Action Centred Approach
    • Discovery
    • Define
    • Design
    • Deliver

BREAK—THROUGH! Advanced* (Up to 10 participants)

  • These are closed events with individual organisations and require prior discussions and planning
  • These run on demand only to meet the client’s diary and commitments
  • We facilitate the delivery of your TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE agenda over 3 weeks
  • Day 1 (1-2 Weeks before the BREAK—THROUGH! session)
    • The Doc and The Horse Whisperer attend your workplace and conduct an observational study
    • Leadership Team / Delegates conduct on-line audit
  • Day 2
    • Leadership Team / Delegates attend ONE DAY BREAK—THROUGH! Day at ‘In harmony with horses’
  • Day 3 (1-2 Weeks after the BREAKTHROUGH! session)
    • 1-2-1 Telephone Follow-up and tracking with each of the delegates based on the audit and session
    • On client site focus group with the delegates
    • Full report and feedback

More about organisational change with The Doc and The Horse Whisperer

With over 30 years combined experience of guiding and facilitating transformation and change, you are in safe and extraordinary hands with The Doc and The Horse Whisperer.

The horses bring a whole new dimension with their intuitive and powerful nature. They are adept at picking up and responding to human intention, behaviour and non-verbal communication.  They provide instant, honest, accurate insight and feedback communicated effectively by The Horse Whisperer. Together with The Doc they create experiences which get to the core of issues quickly, powerfully and effectively.

An authentic mirror with horses

Up to 93% of meaning is communicated non-verbally.  With their prey instincts and hypersensitive awareness, horses size people up instantly and accurately.  They read the truth in our energy and body language, then react to what they see – holding up an authentic mirror to our intention and behaviour.

This programme is mainly experiential and hands on, with a focus on how our inner world of thoughts, beliefs and preconceptions creates our experience.  Interacting with horses, delegates come face to face with their personal challenges and are coached to overcome them.

It has been proven that Equine Guided Learning has a profound effect on all involved and a high transferability of knowledge into the work place.  Discover the impact Equine Guided Learning can have, contact us today to register an interest.